A labyrinth:

You step into the shadowy corridor, leaving the forest behind you. You feel the gentle movement of cool air from deeper within the labyrinth. Anticipation prickles the skin on the back of your neck.

As your eyes adjust to the dimness, you see a small table against the wall. There is a bowl, a pitcher, and a bundle of herbs. You understand that these are present for you to cleanse yourself. You pour clear, cold water from the pitcher into the bowl. You then pick up the bundle of herbs and light them on fire. You plunge the blaze into the water; as the fire extinguishes, you utter the phrase xerniptosai: be cleansed. The elements have combined to create khernips, a blessed water used to remove miasma. You wash your face and hands in the khernips and feel the concerns of your day fade to the back of your mind. You feel more present, more focused on the experience that lies before you.

You consider the options before you:
Return to the shrine at the entryway.
Venture forward into the darkening corridor.